The New Yorker Dustin VaLieu arrives at BAZ’N CAMP

Who is he ?

Dustin VanLieu is a New York trainer, who’s basketball career is quite impressive. In fact, he was the best all-time scorer for his high school team (1 600 career points) and even played for the best NJCAA team at the time, with stars like Cleanthony Early (former New York Knicks player). He then joined the semi-pro NBA league, ABA.

After ending his playing career in 2014, he continued sharing his love of the game to the others, but this time by coaching. Nowadays, he coaches NBA and WNBA players, college, and overseas players, etc. He had the opportunity to coach a few NBA stars like Tyler Hero, RJ Barrett, or even Jayson Tatum, and WNBA players like Kia Vaugh.

RJ Barrett (New York Knicks NBA player) & Dustin VanLieu

Par ailleurs, son engagement au sein du monde du basket ne passe pas uniquement par le coaching : il est l’actuel propriétaire Moreover, his commitment to the game does not only involve coaching: he is the current owner of GymRatz Performance, an organization that offers individual and group trainings and that organizes camps throughout the year. He is also the marketing and promotions coordinator for OHoops Training, a training center based in Orlando, Florida and partner of PureSweatBasketball and Drew Hanlen, a facility that offers trainings for specific skills, to increase performance for all levels.

Dustin VanLieu & Drew Hanlen

His methods

Dustin VanLieu’s work is distinguished by its focus on mental preparation, individual development, and leadership. He prioritizes training methods that target specific games situations, that develop new skills and get much faster in game results. By learning skills and concepts in well-defined game contexts, the exercises it offers have a direct and faster impact on a player’s progress in a game.

But although they highlight individual skills, coach VanLieu’s methods are effective for any player; he uses the exact same approach, whatever the level, age, and experience of the athlete. His goal while travelling is to give to his work an international perspective, to share his knowledge and to make others benefit from it regardless of the talent or the location of players. Baz’n Camp appears as an opportunity for him to pursue this “mission” on a larger scale, while sharing his passion for the game, through the multiple life lessons, ready to be shared.

Dustin VanLieu – Charlotte Hornets
Dustin Van Lieu – Brooklyn Nets