NBA and Baz’n Camp; Two strong experiences for one player

“I would do it twice”. These are Kenny Baptiste’s words. This French basketball player in betclic elite (1st division France) at Le Mans basketball club is 6.10 feet tall and has played for youth national team. Kenny opens about experimenting with Baz’n Camp 5th edition and french first division of basketball.

2021/2022, Betclic élite, Le Mans v. Roanne

He describes his year at Le Mans as a “season of discovery” and “work”. In addition, before the BAZN CAMP he experimented with workout sessions with several NBA teams. He then took advantage of 2 weeks of intensive training at the Baz’n camp to finally start on a 2022/2023 season at Le Mans. Although very demanding in terms of energy and time, the different phases of this intense sequence of training were complementary. For instance, he explored several improvement axes at the Baz’n Camp that he ploughs back in his professional season. “Baz’n Camp helped me working on my body control, my basketball skills, my focus, and made me meet great persons”, he said.

Summer 2022, Workout Washington Wizards (NBA)

Kenny also assures that “if I should describe Baz’n Camp experience, I would say family and rigorous”. Indeed, he especially liked “the fact that everybody was stuck together” during taking part of this 2022 summer camp. This family aspect does not prevent “there is a lot of work and a lot of discipline”. 2022 Baz’n Camp called for mental and physical investment from campers. For example, they had to be “rigorous despite heat” of summer. That is why much of them lived the 5th edition has an adaptation and self-surpassing moment.

2021/2022, Betclic élite
Baz’n Camp été 2022