Loïs Grasshoff: a 3X3 world champion at Baz’n Camp

After making France dream on the 3X3 World Cup in 2022, the young world champion Loïs Grasshoff looks back on his performance and his time at Baz’n Camp.

  • Score 4 / 3 against Serbia: how do you feel when you go up to the famous alley-oop offered by Mathys Kangudia ?
Men’s U18 3X3 World Cup Final

In the World Cup final against Serbia, it was something incredible, especially with the fans on fire. It wasn’t a planned pass, it wasn’t calculated at all. Talking about it again with Mathys, he thought I was going to recover it and that I was going to score with a lay up but the pass was perfectly adjusted, I felt it and it happened.

  • What aspects of the training program offered by the Baz’n Camp did you like the most?

What I enjoyed the most about Baz’n Camp in July 2022 was being able to practice with a few professional players during the week. It allowed me to see what the pro level was, with a player who had evolved in Pro B and who is now in N1, and another, Kenny Baptiste, who played in pro A and who is now in pro B It was good to be able to confront myself with players play at a professional level.

Baz’n Camp 5th edition, July 2022
  • What are your plans in basketball? Would you like to make France shine again during the upcoming 3×3 championships?

At first it was a bit blurry. I intended to stop in favor to study medicine after the World Cup. But with the year I had done in U18 as well as that with the France national team, I did not see myself stopping; I am now playing in N2 at the SMUC. Next year, I may see myself elsewhere in France. It would be great if I could have the chance to participate again with the French national team in any championship.

SMUC season 2021/2022
  • What is the point of doing the Baz’n Camp? Any advice for campers of future generations?

What struck me the most was the fact of being able to be coached by American or European coaches, coming for example from Eastern countries like Serbia, who can bring another vision of the game. It is important in the life of a basketball player to have different points of view on the world.